Henry C Harpending

Thomas Chair

Distinguished Professor of Anthropology

Department of Anthropology
University of Utah
270 South 1440 East, Room 102
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112-0060
Email harpend at gmail dot com
Phone: (801) 581-3776 (office)
(801) 581-6251 (department)
Fax: (801) 581-6252
Office: 121 Stewart Building

Research Interests

I am an anthropologist interested in preindustrial populations, the history of modern humans, and the evolution of human social life. My recent work is about genetic diversity within and between human populations. Some genetic markers, such as mitochondrial DNA, microsatellites, and quantitative traits, evolve rapidly enough to have information about size and isolation of subpopulations in the recent past. We have found evidence that our species had only a few thousand members during the last interglacial and that there were several subsequent demographic expansions, the earliest among the ancestors of contemporary sub-Saharan Africans. I have also done fieldwork with several groups in southern Africa, concentrating on family demographic histories. My particular interests have been the effects of infectious infertility on population structure, consequences of preferential treatment of children by sex for mortality and for growth and development, and the relationships among wealth, family organization, and individual reproductive outcomes.

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